Computer Repair

When your computer won’t turn on, overheats or is just not working right, I can get to the bottom of it and fix it for you. I offer free quotes so you will know how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computer repairs are often the easiest. Most parts are readily available. I keep a selection of parts on hand to get desktop repairs done quickly.

Common desktop computer repairs

  • Computer will not turn on
  • Computer turning itself off
  • Picture dark, blurry or gone
  • Keys or keyboard not working
  • Hard disk errors
  • Windows start up problems

Laptop Computers

Probably the most common laptop repair is a hard disk drive replacement. While I can easily replace the hard drive, I cannot replace your pictures or other documents stored there. That is why it is important for you to backup your files. If your drive does fail, I replace the hard drive and simply restore your backup. I do offer a data recovery service, and might be able to recover your files, but do not guarantee recovery in all cases.

Common laptop computer repairs

  • Hard disk errors
  • Keyboard faulty or not working
  • Black screen
  • Broken screen
  • Windows start up problems
  • Power supply issues

Intermittent Issues

Sometimes your computer runs fine, then sometimes operates erratically. You might notice the computer runs slow, or loud. You might see errors, but when you try again it works.

This can mean something is starting to fail. It means that complete failure might be imminent. So make sure your do backups regularly.

If the problem persists or gets worse, bring it in before it’s too bad. I can find out what is happening, repair any faulty parts and getting it running again.

Common issues

  • errors sending or receiving email
  • very slow start up
  • very slow shutdown
  • internet connection errors
  • internet drop outs
  • slow downs and pauses