Virus removal. System clean up.
Virus and Malware removal

Get rid of any unwanted programs and make sure they stay away. Completely clean your system and get it back to optimal operation. >> more

computer repair and servicing
Computer Problems

Got a problem? Email not sending or receiving? Something won’t load anymore? Can’t open certain files, or visit particular websites? I can fix that for you. >> more

Computer in home services
Home Service

Need help installing or operating your printer, Wifi, Smart TV, digital camera, or other device. All working and connected properly. >> more

Web Pages
Get everything you need to establish a presence online, or expand your existing one. Get a company home page and email address, start small, then grow as you need it. >> more

apple ipad and iphone

Apple iPad & iPhone
Having issues with your Apple iPhone or iPad? I help with iCloud, iTunes, Apple Ids, transferring information, email, pictures etc. >> more

New computer setup

Computer Setup
Upgrading your computer or just buying a new one? The setup service gets your new device ready to go, with your stuff already on it. >> more

Computer tune-up

Computer Tune-Up
Computer not running like it used to? Get a Computer Tune-Up and get your system humming along again. >> more