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Re-cycle old electronics

June 21, 2018 by Jason Harris

Another load taken to the Jurien Bay CRC for e-waste recycling.

These should be recycled because they contain good stuff like gold, steel, copper, and zinc.

They should not end up in landfill because they contain bad stuff like lead, cadmium and mercury.


May 28, 2018 by Jason Harris

I will be in Moora this Thursday 31st May and available to repair laptop and desktop computers, fix email and other computer issues. In the morning I will be based in the CRC in Padbury St. If you need anything message me or call 0418 259 389.

HP laptops restocked

May 11, 2018 by Jason Harris

Putting some replacement HP laptops into stock.

All the computers and laptops I keep in stock are ready to go with:

  • Latest Windows updates installed
  • All other software up to date
  • Software you need like Google Chrome pre-installed
  • All the extras you don't need removed
  • Security, privacy and performance settings applied

Nothing more to pay, this is all included in the sticker price.

If you are upgrading or replacing your existing laptop I can transfer all your pictures, documents, email etc. Install additional software like Word, Excel and Outlook. Transfer accounting and other software like MYOB and Agrimaster. The transfer service starts from $75.

A list of what is in stock is on the Facebook page under the shop section, or just call me on 9652 2782.

Latest Intel processors

May 7, 2018 by Jason Harris intel desktop processor

The latest Intel Core processors have arrived at Jurien Bay Computer Services.

Unlike new generations of the past, Intel has gone beyond the usual incremental upgrade and made significant improvements in the Intel Core range. For example previous generations of the i5 processor had four independent processing cores. The new i5 now has six independent cores, which provides a significant increase in power. It's a bit like the difference between a four cylinder or six cylinder car.

model purpose 7th gen 8th gen
i3 multi-tasking and business operations 2 cores/4 threads 4 cores/4 threads
i5 superior performance and gaming 4 cores/4 threads 6 cores/6 threads
i7 maximum performance and high-end gaming 4 cores/4 threads 6 cores/12 threads

Now building desktop computers with these processors. Call for a discuss your needs or for a free quote.

Workshop static control

May 2, 2018 by Jason Harris

It is vital to adequately account for electrostatic discharge (ESD) when doing computer or laptop repair.

ESD does not always completely destroy a component, but can cause damage that may not show up until a year or more later.

When the computer starts freezing or blue screening and you put it down to a bad memory chip. It's just possible that chip was fine until it was mishandled.

Using static control procedures has been shown to reduce hardware failures and glitches by as much as 35%.

I have installed anti static bench matting and grounding so that the repairs I do and the computers I build last a long time.

Moora CRC

April 23, 2018 by Jason Harris

In Moora on Thursday April 26th at the CRC in Padbury St.

I will be performing repairs, tune ups and upgrades to all brands of computers and laptops. Also fixing email, virus, wifi and other issues. Will have a range of computers, laptops and accessories on hand. Message or call 0418 259 389 if you need anything.