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In Dandaragan Tue 9th April

April 5, 2019 by Jason Harris

This Tuesday 9th April I will be in Dandaragan using a hot office at the CRC as my workshop. I can repair all brands of desktop and laptop computers as well as fix other issues with email and internet. If you need anything pm or call me on 0418 259 389 to set up and appointment.

Free quote

February 27, 2019 by Jason Harris

Been told by a "technician" that your computer is too old, too cheap or just too hard to fix?

Maybe it is, but probably it isn't. I fix what they can't. Call 9652 2782 for a no obligation free quote.

Back to school/work package

January 15, 2019 by Jason Harris

Full back to school/work package for only $949.

Get the HP 250 G6 laptop with fast SSD, plus carry case, Microsoft mouse and the full Microsoft Office Professional 2016 (one time payment, not subscription plan).

The HP 250 G6 has a rugged, scratch resistant design and spill resistant keyboard. Perfect for the rigours or the school yard or the office. Features a fast SSD drive so it starts up quickly and is a treat to use.

Package also includes the Microsoft mobile mouse. Use it where you like because this mouse will work on just about any surface.

The full Microsoft Office 2016 Professional suite has all the tools you need to complete school projects or improve the image of your company. Includes word processor, spreadsheet, outlook email and publisher.

Offer ends 31 Jan 2019.

Xmas Hours

December 17, 2018 by Jason Harris new computer for xmas

Thanks to everyone for your support this year and I hope you all have a merry Xmas and happy New Year. I will be closed on Monday 24th December and will not reopen until Wednesday 2nd January. Have a good holiday and please stay safe on the roads.

People’s Choice Award

November 21, 2018 by Jason Harris Curious Australian Sea Lion by Celia_Kujala

Don't forget to go to the Jurien Bay Camera Club website and have your say in the People's Choice Award. Voting is free, easy and open to anyone.

Picture credit: "Curious Australian Sea Lion" by Celia Kujala.

You can vote for up to five images.

The Jurien Bay Community Resource Center will be producing a calendar from the top 13 vote getters. Voting closes on Sunday, 2nd December.

2018 Turquoise Coast Photo Competition

Another one bites the dust

October 4, 2018 by Jason Harris

Another one bites the dust? No, not this time.

This is a before/after shot of the inside of the air intake in a laptop. It might not be noticable from the outside, but it was causing problems on the inside. The laptop would work fine if you just used Facebook or Google. But as soon as any advanced processing was done the laptop would shutdown. Without sufficient airflow the processor inside quickly overheats. The laptop shuts down because if it didn't the whole thing would catch fire.

Not the easiest of repairs but the laptop worked fine once complete.

The sad thing is that most other computer shops would just tell you the computer is too old and start trying to sell you a new one. If you get told that, bring it in for a free quote. You might be surprised.