Computer Setup

Melbourne, Australia - Jun 12, 2016: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 isolated on white background. It is a 2 in 1 detachable PC produced by Microsoft.

Whether you buy the computer yourself or get one of my deals, you can take advantage of my new computer service.

I take your new computer, and perform all the initial set up steps you need to get it going.

This includes any needed drivers, browser plugins, security updates or other software.

Everything is taken care of and ready to go.

Basic Setup – $75

  • Update Windows and other included software to latest version
  • Remove unnecessary bundled software, reset search back to google.
  • Install Bitdefender Anti Virus Free
  • Set up email access
  • 1hr follow-up phone/remote support

Other services performed on request.


  • Transfer favorites and other internet browser information
  • Transfer your pictures, documents, movies and music
  • Transfer archived email information
  • Transfer other data files e.g. MYOB, BizzWizz

Install on premises

  • Connect to internet
  • Install printer support
  • Install camera support
  • Set up backup and system recovery options
  • One on one familiarisation and training on the new system