My career in the computer industry started at 17 years of age, when I landed my first job as a computer programmer.

That was way back in 1986, which means in 2016 I will be celebrating 30 years in the computer game.

I can say that It has been very rewarding and I have thoroughly enjoyed having a front row seat to the digital revolution.

My career has taken me around Australia, and the world. I've done projects in the United States, South Africa, and Asia.

It has included a variety of industries such as retail, accounting, banking, telecommunications and mining.

One of my first jobs was installing accounting software in companies. This was before computers were very common, and most people's first contact with a computer was at work.

The job required me to help complete computer novices take their current manual accounting system, and computerise it.

Since then, I have found that I have a particular knack for explaining complex computer issues to people who do not have any computer background or skills. Something I am still doing today!

So no matter what level you are at, beginner to advanced, I can talk your language and help you get the most out of your computer.